Is the service really free?
Yes it is totally free and no registration is needed. If you like our service you can make us happy by telling your friends about Adding a link to on your website will make us even happier!

What file types can I upload?
You can upload all types of files but make sure that they are compatible with your mobile phone.

What file formats are supported by my phone?
This varies from model to model but most phones support image formats like gif and jpg, and sound / music formats like mid and mmf. The newest handsets also support mp3, wav and amr (wbamr). The most common video formats supported are .avi, .rm and mpg. Most cellphones are java enabled and support java games and java applications. Many popular Nokia phones do also support Symbian applications (sis files). See your user manual to find out what formats that are compatible with your cellular phone.

What is the maximum file size?
Currently we have set a size limit of 2 Megabyte. Remember that you might not be able to download big files on WAP since some mobile service providers have size limitations in their network. Contact your mobile service provider to find out.

How and where do I store the uploaded files?
This varies from model to model so check your user manual to find out. The files will usually be stored in a folder structure in the phone local memory or on a external memory card.

How long are the files (and links) available?
The files and the link will be active for 48 hours after you upload the file. We have done this so you can use the service to share your favorite files with friends.

How WapDj work?
It’s very easy: You select and upload the file. Get the item code provided. Go to our WAP site and input the item code ( And finally, download the file to your mobile phone.

What is WAP?
Most mobile phones are internet enabled and can access the internet. The common standard for this is called WAP (our WAP address is and you have to configure your mobile phone with settings from your mobile service provider (network operator) before you are ready to go. If you want more information on how to do this, contact your mobile service provider. Usually they send you a sms that automatically set up your phone.

Do I have WAP on my phone?
Probably, but it also depends on if your mobile service provider have included WAP in your service plan. Contact your mobile service provider and check if WAP is included in any of the service plans offered. Recent models from Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Siemems, Motorola, Samsung, LG do have WAP.

My cell phone have WAP, but is not working / my WAP is not set up
Contact your mobile service provider and ask them to send you the WAP settings one more time.

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